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Best Pho in Ottawa and Vancouver

If you’ve heard of Chinatown in Ottawa, its basically Pho-ville where Somerset Street is filled with Pho. There Pho Bo Ga La, Pho Bo Ga La 2, New Pho Bo Ga La, New Pho Bo Ga La 2, Pho Bo Ga La King etc… the list goes on and on.

With so many choices, I’ve narrowed it down to New Pho Bo Ga La, situated on the corner of Empress and Somerset. Don’t mistaken this place with other Pho restaurants, this one is the one with a blue sign!

This pho is definitely the best in Ottawa and Vancouver (so far that I’ve tried) , the soup is great (minimal MSG) so it doesn’t leave you thirsty for hours. The meat is fresh and they have a huge selection of toppings as well.

What I noticed about Pho in Ottawa is that all restaurants follow the same numbering convention. #25 in a Pho restaurant in one place, is the same in the other! Talk about consistency! It definitely makes things easier for consumers when they’re deciding on what to eat.

If you like spicy pho, must add on their Spicy Satay Sauce ( Sate, in Vietnamese as my friend said )  , its extremely good, as recommended by my friend D.To from Calgary and he’s serious if he says this is comparable to Calgary Pho!

#25 at New Pho Bo Ga La  – Well Done Beef, Beef Balls & Tripe (pho chin nam sach bo vien)

Shrimp Rice Wraps!

I can never get enough of this and when I’m back in Vancouver, I’m going to miss this a lot.

If  I really like a restaurant, you’ll see a photo of me with it 🙂


763 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON

Gstar Rating:

Bring your family, friends, and whoever else you love here!

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4 thoughts on “Best Pho in Ottawa and Vancouver

  1. i must agree that «New Pho Bo Ga La» is the best of its kind in Ottawa! my favourite (and the one i always order) is actually the seafood soup Hu Tieu Thap Cam; item #36 on their menu.

    • awesome! mine is actually number 25:) have you tried the one next door? I hear it’s the same menu but the dining atmosphere is different 🙂

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