Ottawa, ON

Hidden Gem : Art Is In Bakery

This is by far the most well hidden bakery in Ottawa because its situated in a warehouse environment! This place is located by City Center close to Bayview and is it ever hard to find! Out in the middle of no where you see a small portable with the sign “Art Is In” above the door! I discovered this bakery from UrbanSpoon (props to other reviewers) 🙂 I visited this with two other coop from Vancouver and my manager at my previous employer. We purposely went on a Sunday to try their weekly brunch menu and it was amazing. We all ordered an Eggs Benny which comes in 3 different kinds : Bacon, Sausage, and Veggies accompanied with fresh fruits and hashbrowns! The brownies there are amazingly good because its not too sweet and my friends also got their chocolate croissant and says it beats the ones in Vancouver!

Gstar Rating out of 5 :

Drink: Frozen Hot Chocolate, good but I still prefer Serendipity 3’s Frooozen Hot Chocolate in Las Vegas (will review later)

Eggs Benny with Bacon: The bacon is amazing because its maple syrup covered so its not like the typical salty bacon you get from Loblaws. Everything was amazing including the Egg!

Baked goods my manager bought

Art Is In Store Front

Art Is In Decor

Art Is in Bakery on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Hidden Gem : Art Is In Bakery

  1. I can’t believe I never made it to this place… every time I go to breakfast/brunch, without a doubt I’ll order eggs benedicts and the ones here look amazing 😀

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