Toronto, ON

Lakeview Dim Sum in the heart of Toronto: Pearl Harbourfront

This has got to be the DimSum place with the best view I’ve ever been to. There’s a story to this restaurant as well ūüėČ I was just arriving in Toronto from Ottawa and by surprise I was taken to the harbour by a friend and told me we’re going to have food. I thought it’d be fish and chips, something to do with seafood and all and by surprise we went to a Chinese Restaurant situated right by the waters! This restaurant is amazing, great service and of course has a spectacular view of Lake Ontario. The food is great though slightly on the pricey side but I guess half of the price of each plate goes towards the amazing view. Overall this is a great dimsum place for special¬†occasions¬†or if you have guests coming to Toronto and of course I would highly recommend this place for a nice¬†Chinese¬†wedding banquet.


Gstar ratings out of 5:


amazing view from the restaurant

Pearl Harbourfront on Urbanspoon


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