Vancouver, BC

Affordable exceptional sushi : Matoi Sushi

This restaurant , Matoi Sushi was recommended by my hairdresser (Whose Japanese and her salon is located on Granville St in BC if you ever wonder). This place may be a bit far for some since its situated in Coquitlam but after trying various sushi joints in Vancouver and Burnaby and Richmond, I have to say this place has an excellent selection of sushi including some interesting ones πŸ˜€ Some I found on the menu that caught my attention was Sea Bass, three different kinds of Toro (mmm Toro) and Sea Bream Sashimi. I would say this is quite a different selection of sashimi compared to your typical salmon, tuna, octopus, tamago, tobiko, ikura, uni Β etc etc. We ordered the Sushi Combo B which includes Dynamite roll and 4 pieces of sushi.

Above: Dynamite Roll and 4 sushi (Toro, Salmon, Squid and Tamago) Notice the egg is not the typical extremely yellow egg πŸ˜‰ So you can tell it’s pretty legit here. Β Overall, the fish here is extremely fresh and be sure to get there early (even on weekdays!) because their supply of their daily specials (Sea Bream, Toros, and Sea Bass) will run out! Last time my friend and I went at 7:30pm and it was sold out already.

Since they were sold out of their special sashimi, we each ordered a roll and this roll is amazing because there is fish all the way from the top to bottom! I can honestly say there is more fish than rice in this cone and the fish once again is extremely fresh!

Above: Tuna Cone and a Chopped Scallop Cone

We also ordered a hot dish as well, garlic and butter steamed clams and these were good! There were other selection on their Izakaya menu as well such as deep fried live baby crabs which we also wanted to try but ran out. This is a restaurant that has a good selection of Japanese food so if you are looking for Izakaya menus paired with sushi then this is the place to good for some quality good at an affordable price πŸ˜€


Definitely check this place out if you’re willing to drive a little bit further in because you won’t regret it! πŸ™‚ It’s a little bit hard to find but it’s right across from Superstore in the White Spot Plaza πŸ˜€

Gstar Rating out of 5:

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3 thoughts on “Affordable exceptional sushi : Matoi Sushi

  1. Once you start working, give Ajisai Sushi a try if you haven’t already. In mandarin it is called 味彩, it’s in Kerrisdale but hidden! They only have sushi there and to this day my friends and I still think they have the best sushi, especially their tamago πŸ˜€

    Although now I’m very tempted to give Matoi a try, it looks so delicious, especially that chopped scallop cone! πŸ˜‰

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