Ottawa, ON

Byward Market : Khao Thai

I visited this restaurant probably over three times during my visit in Ottawa for 8 months. This Thai restaurant is situated on Murray Street in the Byward Market in Downtown.  They’re never opened on lunch so don’t bother going there … so be sure to get there during dinner time! This restaurant is also quite busy as well so I would avoid peak dining hours.

The first time I came to this place was for a good friend of mine’s farewell and other times were just catch up times with friends 🙂

Above: Seafood Tom Yum Gong Soup.

Surprisingly (being in ottawa), this soup is quite authentic! the right amount of spiciness and sourness in the soup!

Above: Seafood Dish.

This is a dish on it’s own so you need to order rice on the side , which they have jasmine and sticky available. I would say there’s quite a bit of seafood in this dish and is slightly spicy as well 🙂

Above: Pineapple Fried Rice

We decided to give this a try, expecting it to be somewhat similar to the Malaysian Pineapple Fried Rice and … it was just alright… nothing special… nothing too wow. In a way it felt like something that could be made at home. This could be a hit or miss but we never ordered this again.

Overall this restaurant is pretty good and if you happen to be from Vancouver and reading this, Khao Thai is comparable to Charm Modern Thai in Yaletown.

Price range wise is about a $25+tax per person dinner which isn’t so expensive… but considering it is asian cuisine, prices could be cheaper. If you are looking for large portions, I would avoid this location. The food portion is tiny though very flavorful.

Gstar Ratings out of 5:

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