Ottawa, ON

Afternoon Tea, in the museum? Café l’Entrée

Oh afternoon teas and high teas, me and my girlfriend in Ottawa just loves going to these 🙂 Especially going to Zoe’s lounge at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. One day we found a group buy coupon on Kahoot! (we love kahoot!) for Afternoon Tea for only $15 per person! (Wow what a deal, for a reason … )

We walked into the National Gallery of Canada and we literally walked at least 10 minutes looking around for this “restaurant or dining area”… after 10 minutes of looking.. we see this area FENCED off… and guess what, that’s the place. It’s literally an area fenced off in the middle of a Hall.. (which I assume is used for weddings and other functions). We were first lost because there was no greeter.. but actually there is, he’s just hidden. The server is also the host… so you can imagine how busy he is!

Once we were seated, no menu was given to us… we sat down and food was there right away… (I think of it as…eat and leave. asap too )

Our soup was first given to us.. before our tea… awkward and let me tell you the soup wasn’t great…thank god the portion was small… or else.. phew!

After the tea came (which was not loose leaf, it was a Lipton Tea Bag…) , our tower came! surely enough it looks amazing! The sandwiches were good I must say but the scones were not a as good as scone witch nor the ones at The Fairmont for sure.. the dessert was…way too sweet!… overall, only the sandwiches were good. I may be a bit biased with comparison to The Fairmont but this place isn’t as good as I thought…

The good thing about this place though is that, it was worth the $15 🙂 I’m sure some of you got the coupon as well and please feel free to add your comments below if you like.

last but not least! Crackers and cheese time! I must say their cheese was not bad, and yes I love brie  and it was included! The fruits on the other hand was… iffy.. they didn’t look too clean to me… so we eased off on that 😛

Anyways! Back to my life as student and will keep all of you posted soon with my food adventures!

Gstar Rating out of 5

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