Ottawa, ON

Why hello there! First brunch with you @ Black Tomato

This I believe was my first brunch/lunch with my first friend in Ottawa 🙂 This place was recommended by her actually since she went here (Black Tomato) for dinner. It’s right on the corner of George Street. The door is a little bit hidden but its not too hard to find. We were seated right away, partially because its so cold outside and everyone wanted to stay indoors. I took a look at the menu and had my eyes set on this!”MARINATED FLAT IRON STEAK SANDWICH


The sandwich was amazing! The bread was good, the steak was perfect with onions. I can tell you that this was probably one of the best gourmet sandwiches I have ever had! The salad, amazing as well! The dressing for the salad is their own recipe so it’s not the generic Italian dressing. I can’t seem to recall the entire name of the sandwich but its amazing! I went onto their menu but I can’t seem to find it anymore… none the less, on top of the sandwich was melted brie cheese! One of my favorite cheese of all time 🙂


Service at this place is great, ambiance is a good and I would say price is slightly on the expensive side but not as expensive as Restaurant Eighteen

Gstar Rating out of 5:

The Black Tomato on Urbanspoon


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