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Vij’s on the go: Vij’s Railway Express

Ever since I started working in downtown, I’ve started to discover these food trucks. The most recent one that I’ve visited was Vij’s Railway Express. I had high hopes for this place since I visited the official restaurant and the food truck did not disappoint! It definitely lived up to the Vijs restaurant (See review here: Vij’s )

The food truck isn’t always located at the same place so I would strongly recommend visiting their twitter before you step out to give them a try. When I got there at 12:30… you know its prime time lunch hours and the line up was long! I think I probably waited around 20 minutes in total for paying and picking up (which is quite some time considering 1 hr lunches and walking back to the office). Their menu is quite advanced, using LED screens to show their menu 😛 unlike the other food trucks with a billboard style menu.

Food Truck Decor

When we got our order, the owner ( I think ) would say your name and talk to you as well which gave a nice personable feeling to the food truck, removing the “grab your food and go” atmosphere 🙂

Look for a blue food truck near Burrard!

The boyfriend (who also worked near me) and I decided to get their Ginger Lemon Drink and it was quite refreshing for a hot summer afternoon in Vancouver. It was good since the lemon flavor was still there and there is just a hint of ginger flavor in there. I think you can also find a similar drink at their other location: Rangoli (right beside Vij’s). Ever since he’s had the drink, he’s been mentioning it and wanting it again… so its a good sign that its good 🙂

Ginger Lemon Drink

Next up, he ordered the Lamb Kebab and I ordered the Coconut Beef with Rice.

Lamb Kebab

We were in a rush to get back to the office so all he had to say was it was exquisite and that he would prefer the kebab to be paired with someone else rather than the pita/tortilla wrap that’s around it. He also said there was a lot of meat in there which definitely filled him up even though it looks tiny in the picture!

Coconut Beef with Rice and Naan

For myself, I had the coconut beef with rice and naan. It was very good, and comparable to Vij’s restaurant except more convenient and on the go now! The good about this was the coconut beef, it was very flavorful with a lot of Indian Spices in there 🙂 If you like intensely flavored food then this is it! The only down side I would say is that the rice or the sauce would start to get watery overtime and starts to seep through the container a little bit.

On a side note, the containers and the cutlery they used were all biodegradable and nothing was plastic! (except for the cup and the straw of course 😛 )

Vij’s Railway Express Bill

Price! I would say that for a lunch at a food truck, it is slightly pricey since the two of us came to $25. I wouldn’t say I could afford this everyday for lunch but once in a while its a nice treat and its definitely worth the price for the quality of food you get 🙂

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